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Skidmore College
American Studies Department

American Subject Courses

*An asterisk denotes course approval contingent upon the special topic. Contact the American Studies Department Chair for approval as an American Studies subject course.


  • AN-205, Mesoamerican Archaeology
  • AN-251C*, Themes in Anthropology
  • AN-322R, Sports in the Americas

Arts Administration

  • AA-201, Foundations of Arts Administration

Art History

  • AH-203, Native American Art
  • AH-217, American Art
  • AH-375*, Seminar


  • EC-321, Labor Economics
  • EC-344, Public Finance
  • EC-351, Gender in the Economy


  • ED 216, Schooling the Masses from Colonial Times to Present
  • ED 217, Multicultural Education
  • ED 231, Children’s Literature


  • EN-223, Women and Literature
  • EN-226, Introduction to American Literature
  • EN-227, Introduction to African-American Literature
  • EN-229*, Special Studies: Texts in Context EN-363*, Special Studies in Literary History


  • HI-222P, Corporate America
  • HI-223, U.S. Foreign Policy, 1790 to the Present
  • HI-251*, Topics in History
  • HI-261, African-American History
  • HI-266, American Environmental History
  • HI-267, American Indian History
  • HI-322, American Radicalism
  • PLHI-322, The History and Political Thought of the American Revolution
  • HI-324, Civil War and Reconstruction
  • HI-328, Depression and War
  • HI-329, U.S. Since 1945
  • HI-351*, Topics in History
  • HI-375*, Colloquium in History


  • MU-205*, Special Studies in Music Literature
  • MU-304, American Music
  • MU-306, History of Jazz in America


  • PH-327*, Great Philosophers
  • PH-308, American Philosophy
  • PH-330*, Advanced Topics in Philosophy

Political Science

  • PL-211, Courts, Politics, and Judicial Process in the United States
  • PL-213, Comparative Constitutional Systems
  • PL-222, State and Local Government
  • PL-224, Campaigns and Elections
  • PL-225, Politics and News Media
  • PL-228, United States Foreign Policy in a Changing World
  • PL-236, American Political Thought
  • PL-251C*, Topics in Political Science: American Politics
  • PL-251C: Demagogues and Democracy
  • PL-252, The Psychology of Politics
  • PL-314, Civil Liberties
  • PLHI-322, The History and Political Thought of the American Revolution
  • PL-333, American Political Research
  • PL-334, The United States Presidency
  • PL-351*, Topics in Political Thought
  • PL-362, Politics of the Congress
  • PL-367, Topics in American Politics


  • PS-331, Psychology of Women


  • RE-205, Women, Religion, and Spirituality
  • RE-208, Native American Religions
  • RE-230*, Topics in Religion
  • RE-303, Religion in Contemporary American Society
  • RE-330D*, Religion, Sex, Citizenship in the U.S.

Social Work

  • SW-212, Social Work Values and Populations at Risk
  • SW-214, Death and Dying
  • SW-217, Obsessions and Addictions
  • SW-224*, Special Studies in Social Work
  • SW-225, Social Work with Children and Adolescents
  • SW-338, Social Policy and Social Justice


  • SO-202, The Individual in Society
  • SO-208, Social Inequality
  • SO-212, Sociology of Work and Occupations
  • SO-213, Crime and Victimization
  • SO-217, Families in the United States
  • SO-219, Race and Power
  • SO-220, Sociology of Cities and Towns
  • SO-221, Media Sociology
  • SO-225, Quantifying Women
  • SO-251A-D*, Special Topics in Sociology
  • SO-305, Sociology of Folklore
  • SO-306, Sociology of Religion
  • SO-312, Modern Organizations
  • SO-314, Deviance and Social Control
  • SO-316, Women in Modern Society
  • SO-321, American Social Changes
  • SO-324, Classical Sociological Theory
  • SO-328, Social Movements and Collective Action
  • SO-329, Criminal Justice
  • SO-351A-D*, Advanced Special Topics in Sociology
  • SO-361, Racial Identities: Theory and Praxis


  • TH-338, Black Theatre
  • TH-339, Community-Based Theater
  • TH-341, History of American Theater