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Join the Career Advisor Network!

We all know the importance and value in networking; which is why the CDC is home to the Career Advisor Network.  The Career Advisor Network is a database made up of alumni and parents who are willing and eager to share their experiences. Take advantage of this opportunity to speak with the experts!

Students can sign in to activate their account using their Skidmore login credentials.  If you are having issues contact Lauren Sisson.

Be an advisor.

Joining the Career Advisor Network is a great opportunity to stay connected with the college and help students and fellow alumni as they navigate their job search or career self-discovery.

Who can be a Career Advisor?

  • Any alumna/us or parent can participate in the Career Advisor Network. No matter what your job title or company may be, everyone has valuable experiences to share.

What do I have to do as a Career Advisor?

  • Be willing to share your experiences. Occasionally someone may reach out to you to ask your advice on a certain topic or to hear about your experiences and perspectives. Provide feedback; someone may want to practice their interviewing with you, or want you to review their resume.
  • Learn why Mark Josephson '94 loves being a Career Advisor.

Want to join the Career Advisor Network?
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If you have any issues or difficulty creating your account, please contact Lauren Sisson.