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Skidmore College

ConnectMORE is a part of Skidmore’s commitment to being a community where inclusion, health and well-being are shared and lived values. The program enhances our collective capacity to respond effectively and empathically when students might be experiencing moments of crisis and distress and/or mental health issues. While the focus is on helping students, the skills ConnectMORE teaches translate across relationships and roles.

ConnectMORE During COVID-19

ConnectMORE workshops are interactive and experiential. They focus on helping participants enhance their listening, asking and helping skills, recognize signs of distress and/or danger, know accurate information about available resources and feel supported themselves as they lean in to help others.

All Skidmore students, faculty and staff members are invited to attend one of the ConnectMORE interactive workshops. After attending participants will receive a sticker which can be displayed to indicate their support of student mental health.

Together we can build a community in which all of our students feel comfortable asking for help and we feel comfortable offering it.

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