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Smoking Policy Map

Skidmore College Smoking Policy

This policy is effective beginning in fall 2014. Skidmore College will re-evaluate this policy in spring 2017, and the potential of going smoke-free.


The purpose of the Skidmore College smoking policy is to limit the potential exposure of students, faculty, staff and visitors to the effects of second-hand smoke, reduce the risk of fires on campus and provide the community with a healthy, respectful working and learning environment.


Smoking is prohibited in all Skidmore College facilities and College-owned vehicles and within 25 feet of all facilities on campus. Designated smoke-free areas are well marked and make up the interior of the College’s campus. Smoking is permitted, in most cases, in areas facing the loop road. In addition, individuals may smoke in their personal vehicles while parked on campus.

We ask that those choosing to use electronic cigarettes be considerate of their surroundings.


This policy applies to all members of the Skidmore College community and guests to our campus.


Effective implementation of this policy is the responsibility of all Skidmore College community members and depends on the courtesy, respect and cooperation of the entire community. Therefore, it is the expectation that:


While there are procedures in place to address violations of campus policies, it is the expectation that community members will act as the primary enforcers of the standards articulated in the policy. However, if members of the community fail to comply with the policy, the following actions may be taken:

Smoking Cessation Programs

An important part of any successful smoking policy is campus and community support for those wishing to quit smoking. Resources for smokers include:

Resources for Smokers

NYS Smoker’s Quitline-1-866-697-8487

Glens Falls Hospital-926-6629

Employee Assistance Program-793-9768

Community Health Centers for those without insurance or without a primary care physician

Skidmore College Health Services

Skidmore College Counseling Center