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Skidmore College
Environmental Studies and Sciences


The ES&S Program has 7 dedicated ES faculty members, and 50 affiliated faculty from other departments who teach ES-designated classes.  They have a wide range of domestic and international experience, conducting cutting-edge research on an array of important issues.  They publish articles and books on subjects ranging from conservation of agricultural biodiversity to voluntourism in Costa Rica, and from carbon fluxes in the ocean to the effect of particulate matter on the chemical balance of the atmosphere, and even made a documentary on local sustainability initiatives in the Hudson Valley (see  Their publication record is impressive, but more important is their dedication to excellence in teaching and to their students.

Director of the Environmental Studies and Sciences Program: Karen Kellogg

Coordinator, Environmental Studies and Sciences Program: Anne Gallagher Ernst

Associate Professor: Nurcan Atalan-Helicke, Karen Kellogg

Assistant Professor: Kurt Smemo

Visiting Assistant Professor: Andrew Schneller

Lecturer: Thomas Hart

* = part time

Affiliated Faculty:

American Studies: Gregory Pfitzer

Anthropology: Michael Ennis-McMillan, Heather Hurst

Asian Studies: Ben Bogin

Biology: Catherine Domozych, David Domozych, Corey Freeman-Gallant, Elaine Larsen, Sylvia McDevitt, Joshua Ness, Monica Raveret Richter, Bernie Possidente, Erika Schielke, Patti Steinbgerger

Chemistry: Kim Frederick, Steven Frey, Raymond Giguere, Judith Halstead, Juan Navea

Economics: Monica Das, Sandra Goff

English: Michael Marx

Geosciences: Jennifer Cholnoky, Margaret Estapa, Amy Frappier, Greg Gerbi, Victor Guevara, Kyle Nichols

Health & Human Physiological Sciences: Paul Arciero, Susanne D'Isabel

History: Eric Morser, Tillman Nechtman

Management and Business: Cathy Hill, James Kennelly

Philosophy: William Lewis

Political Science: Katherine Graney, Feryaz Ocakli, Bob Turner

Religious Studies: Eliza Kent

Sociology: Amon Emeka, Rik Scarce

World Languages and Literatures: Oscar Perez

Resource Staff:

GIS: Tom Hart

Library: Jenna Pitera



AnneAnne Gallagher Ernst

Environmental Studies and Sciences Program Coordinator / Lecturer

Office: Dana 180
Telephone: x5078 (off campus:  518-580-5078)

NurcanNurcan Atalan Helicke

Associate Professor Environmental Studies and Sciences Program

Office: Dana193
Telephone: x8372 (off campus: 518-580-8372)

Karen KellogKaren Kellogg

Director and Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Sciences Program

Office: Dana 196
Telephone: x5198 (off campus: 518-580-5198)

Andrew SchnellerAndrew J. Schneller, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Sciences

Telephone: 518.580.8192
Personal website here

KurtKurt Smemo

Assistant Professor Environmental Studies and Sciences Program

Office: Dana 183
Telephone: x5218 (off campus: 518-580-5218)