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Skidmore College
Environmental Studies and Sciences
Anne Gallagher Ernst

Anne Gallagher Ernst

Environmental Studies and Sciences Program Coordinator, Senior Lecturer

Contact Information:
Office: CIS 210H
Telephone: x 5078 (off campus:  518-580-5078)


  • M.S. 2001.  Cornell University, Department of Natural Resources, Ithaca NY. Thesis:  Disturbance effects on small headwater streams in upstate NY.
  • B.S. 1993.  Duke University, Biology, Durham NC.


  • ES 100 Environmental Concerns in Perspective
  • ES 105 Field Studies in Environmental Science
  • ES 227 Plastic Planet: The Promise and Perils of Polymers
  • SSP 100 Plastic Fantastic?


  • Ernst, A.G., D.R. Warren, and B.P. Baldigo. 2012. Natural-channel-design stream restorations that changed geomorphology have little effect on macroinvertebrate communities in headwater streams.  Restoration Ecology 20: 532:540.
  • Baldigo, B.P., A.G. Ernst, D.R. Warren, and S.J. Miller.  2010.  Variable responses of fish assemblages, habitat, and stability to natural-channel-design restoration in Catskill Mountain streams.  Transactions of the American Fisheries Society (TAFS) 139: 449-467.
  • Ernst, A.G., B.P. Baldigo, C.I. Mulvihill, and M. Vian. 2010.  Effects of natural-channel-design restoration on habitat quality in Catskill Mountain streams, New York.  TAFS 139: 468-482.
  • Warren, D.R., A.G. Ernst, and B.P. Baldigo.  2009.  Influence of spring floods on year-class strength of fall- and spring-spawning salmonids in Catskill Mountain streams. TAFS 138: 200-210.
  • Baldigo, B.P., D.R. Warren, A.G. Ernst, and C.I. Mulvihill. 2008. Response of fish populations to natural-channel-design restoration in streams of the Catskill Mountains, NY.  North American Journal of Fisheries Management 28: 954-969.