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Skidmore College
Honors Forum

HFC Minutes  -- December 11, 1998


Michael Arnush,  Phil Boshoff, Allison Kupfer, Emily Levy, Rory McVeigh, Jon Ramsey Amelia Rauser, Anita Steigerwald.

The Meeting began at 9:00am, PMH 401.

The Council approved the minutes for the previous meeting.

  1. HFC, Spring 1999 members

    • The Council discusses the process to nominate future student  representatives from the Honors Forum student body.
  2. Memo to the Community outlining the Honors Forum Curriculum:

    • The Memo will go out to the Skidmore community after the break.

    • Honors Forum Curriculum:

      • Departmental Courses - three or four credits

      • The Curriculum currently contains courses designated 'honors' that are single-section courses, single sections of multiple-section courses, or one-credit add-ons.  The memo will outline these and three other opportunities:

        • HF100-300 one-credit stand-alone courses (topical workshops, discussion groups, lab/studio experiences or seminars);

        • HF271/272 Honors Independent Study - variable credit (independent research or project opportunity for unusually well qualified first-year or sophomore students at honors level)

        • Honors Courses in Overseas Programs - variable credit.

  3. Academic Festival

    • Honors Forum is included in the festival.  President Porter has contributed $1,500 towards the festival.
  4. Admissions (EDI & II; lunches and overnight for ACD's)

    • The Council will not be required to read files this month.  Accepted candidate days are April 16, 19, 23  Arrangements are being made to meet with students and parents for lunch

    • Overnight Thursday, April 15, - reception and dinner at the surrey.

  5. Spring induction:

    • First semester students will be invited to nominate themselves along with faculty nomination/HEOP students should be considered for induction to the Forum.
  6. Summer Programs:

    • The Honors Forum will not be offering courses this Summer.

Fall Courses: one-credits, other courses

English Department: EN105

Co-Curricular Events

College Relations

Budget. - Social committee to submit a proposal with projected budget.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 am, next meeting Spring '99.