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Skidmore College
Honors Forum

HFC Minutes  -- January 25, 1999


Michael Arnush ,  Phil Boshoff,  Fran Hoffman, Rory McVeigh, Jon Ramsey, Amelia Rauser,  Anita Steigerwald.

The meeting began at 9:00 am, Purchasing Conference Room in Dana.

1. Fall '99 courses

  • Michael Arnush handed out a list of anticipated honors forum proposals for Fall 1999 semester.

    • Course proposals for the Fall will be distributed to Council members this Friday for review.

    • The deadline to submit proposals to Curriculum Committee is January 27.

2. Fall '98 programmatic assessment; revision of assessment forms:

  • Michael Arnush to arrange a meeting with Fran Hoffman and the nine faculty members who taught HF courses Fall'98 to discuss how the courses went and what changes we need to make for future courses.

  • Student activity assessment:

    • Shows that student need more choice of courses

    • The Council needs to re-think the amount of activities offered each semester (e.g., perhaps fewer lectures, better timing of events, etc.)

    • Monthly meetings to be handled by  the students

    • Too many of the courses required pre-requisite

    • Students need greater involvement in decision-making

  • The HF needs to select a student to serve on the Council

    • discussion of criteria; Fran Hoffman suggested that we have the students register votes for the nominated students (Andrew Cencini, Francesca Cichello and Katie Cella)

3. Upcoming Events:

  • January 28 - Dinner and Presentation with Tom Lewis/Larry Hott

    • "Divided Highways: The Interstates and the Transformation of American Life.

  • February 11 - Dinner and Lecture Classics Professor Charles Segal

  • February 22 - Induction Dinner scheduled for February 24

    • Invitations to apply mailed out January 22 to Class of 2002 Dean's List.

  • March 10 - Tentative Greenhouse dedication

  • April 28/29 - Academic Festival

    • Michael to announce it at the next faculty and academic staff meetings.

Social events: bagel brunches, field trips, informal gatherings; student committees may have other plans in the works

4. Logo:

  • The College Relations office should have the logo ready in a few weeks.

5. Admissions: Class of '03

  • Reading of files

  • April 15-16 ACD & evening event ( Dinner at the Surrey)

6. Advising Students: re continuing membership in the Forum

  • 70 students

  • 1 transfer

  • 2001 30 students

  • 2002 40 students

  • 25% of the class of 2001 did not meet the required GPA

  • 38%  of the class of 2002 did not meet the required GPA

  • The Council to advise students re: limited co-curricular participation and academic profile; the mechanism for advising was discussed and established (fac/staff on the comm. will meet individually with those struggling academically, otherwise individually or in groups)

The Council will meet weekly thru February.
The meeting adjourned at 10:00; next meeting will be Monday, February 1 at the Staff/Faculty Lounge.