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Skidmore College
Honors Forum

Honors Forum Council Minutes  Monday January 31, 2000


Michael Arnush, Phil Boshoff, Amelia Rauser, Kim Helms, Ruth Copans, Katie Cella, Jon Ramsey, Anita Steigerwald


Sue Bender, Tabitha Orthwein, Francesca Cichello

Fall 2000 Curriculum proposals were reviewed: Economics 100, 200, 300 honors add-ons approved; Business 224- 200 level honors course with a research add-on was approved; Anthropology 242 approved; HF 101 approved

Fall 2000 curriculum will consist of the following:

EN303, 105 (2 sections) & 213
CL220 I hr. add on
MATH 111, 125, 225, 325

PH103, FL221 1-hour add on are still outstanding.

Review of HF 101 syllabus; syllabus was approved with suggestions for faculty collaborators.

Term GPA's were reviewed, with disqualification letters to go out the week of January 31st.

Other business:

Honors Forum Induction dinner has been scheduled for Wednesday, March 1.

Joint HF & Academic Festival meeting with Jamie Studley was very successful. Jamie was especially supportive regarding clearing the events calendar for future Academic Festivals.

Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Burnham, Secretary