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Fiber Arts

Prof. Margo Mensing

The objective of AR 115 is to teach the basic principles of weaving, dyeing, and printing. In addition, a number of other techniques and procedures, such as knitting, netting, stitching, and knotting, are covered. The Honors Forum Workshop is organized thematically, opening up the possibilities for interlacing the technical material within a conceptual framework. Students read and discuss supplemental material focused on the theme. Writing will be integral to the Honors Workshop. Students will write two or three essays, based on the readings, their textile studies, and the work of well known artists.



Prof. Janet Sorensen

An introduction to the study of color in studio art. This course develops understanding of the characteristics of color through color theory, observation, organization, and experimentation, and builds skills in perception, visual thinking, and creativity. Guided exercises explore the role of color in compositional relationships, the psychological and expressive effects of color, and the physical properties of color mixing. This workshop provides further exploration of topics and concepts introduced in the regular studio art course. Slide presentations, readings, and discussions will provide an art historical perspective to supplement the studio work.   Assignments will support students in formulating a culminating research project relating to the major topics of the course. Fulfills arts requirement