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General Physics I Honors

Prof. Andrew Stinner

The honors section of PY 207 provides a more rigorous approach to the calculus based General Physics I course with a stronger emphasis on problem solving techniques needed for more advanced courses in physics. This course is intended for highly motivated students with a background and interest in physics that offers students the opportunity to study the fundamental principles of physics in greater depth and breadth than in the traditional General Physics I course. The concepts and principles of mechanics will be covered, emphasizing translational and rotational kinematics and dynamics, work and energy, conservation laws and gravitation. Hands-on explorations of physical systems are used to elucidate physical principles.


Galaxies and Cosmology

Prof. Mary Odekon

An overview of large-scale structure and modern cosmological models, from nearby galaxies to the entire observable universe. Topics include galaxy surveys, quasars, dark matter, and the early universe. Prerequisite: PY192 or 194 This is an honors course. Fulfills QR2 requirement.