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History as a discipline interrogates the past recorded in human texts, material artefacts, media, oral traditions, and other evidence in order to render its complexity accessible to audiences in the present. More than the mere “study of past events,” whether local, national, or international, History is a public pursuit aimed at the preservation and dissemination of collective memory and the diversity of human experience across times, places, contexts, and communities.

In building a deep, thoughtful knowledge of the many pasts that have intersected to lead to an equally complex present, the Skidmore College Department of History prepares students to contextualize and address the moral and political quandaries of our contemporary moment. Whether engaging with ancient civilizations or contemporary societies in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East, through the lens of intellectual trends, imperialisms, nationalisms, social movements, or science and technology, faculty in the History Department encourage students to develop the “historical literacy” needed in order to think critically about and act productively in the world in which they live.

2022 Academic Festival Program

Senior Thesis