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Nino Tsintsadze

Nino Tsintsadze, Class of 2014

I studied abroad in Milan, Italy and worked at the Italian Nongovernmental Organization, GARIWO (Garden of the Righteous Around the World). Their main goals are to find people who risked their lives for justice, who fought for rights of minority groups during genocides or other oppressions, who saved at least a single individual’s life, and who never bragged about his/her deeds. I did a lot of translation from Italian to English and helped with organizing the social activities. This internship helped me to understand the Italian culture better, and also know more about how local organizations work and what the system is like. I had a true work experience in Italy, which was radically different from what I was used to in the States. That is why it is important to try many new things because it will help you realize what you really want to do and where you feel most comfortable working and living.