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Skidmore College
  • Steve+Rosenbaum+%2783+gives+his+TED+Talk
    In his TED Talk, Steve Rosenbaum '83 tackles fake news, a topic that professor Andrew Lindner '03 discusses on This is Skidmore based on his own research.
    Nov 7 2017
  • Devon+McLane+%2719+on+Lake+Lonely
    Skidmore faculty activities over the summer are as diverse as the faculty itself is. Spanning travels, workshops, lab work, and teaching, here are summer summaries of just three professors.
    Sep 2 2017
  • Skidmore News
    Professor Andrew Lindner '03 discusses citizen journalism, fake news, and how to be an educated consumer of media reports.
    Jan 24 2017
  • five+alumni-faculty
    Some Skidmore students just can't get enough: they return to their alma mater as staff and faculty members--for example, these five, from anthro to theater.
    Nov 10 2016
  • teachtrump+panel
    Election season update: The most controversial figure in politics, Donald Trump, was the topic of a discussion that drew some 200 students, professors, and Saratogians to the Tang Museum's A More Perfect Union exhibition space.
    Oct 28 2016