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Skidmore College
  • Female+student+on+stage+under+a+spotlight+speaks+into+a+microphone
    A recent live storytelling performance, produced by the renowned nonprofit, The Moth, and hosted by Skidmore’s MDOCs program, empowered and energized a new generation of storytellers at Skidmore College.
    Oct 3 2018
  • young+woman+standing+at+a+microphone+on+stage
    Groups of faculty members and students will participate in storytelling workshops, culminating in a StorySLAM event on Sept. 30, which will be recorded for possible broadcast on a future episode of The Moth Radio Hour and The Moth Podcast.
    Sep 17 2018
  • Skidmore News
    MDOCS Storytellers' Institute will present a series of free public lectures on campus June 7–10 around the theme "surveil/surveilled."
    Jun 7 2018
  • Students+watching+a+film+
    Students gained a glimpse of what life is like in Palestine from a young person’s perspective at the screening event “Palestinian Voices” on March 28 at the Tang Teaching Museum.
    Apr 3 2018
  • Storytellers
    Sarah Friedland, director of the Storytellers' Institute, joined Skidmore's recurring "Facebook Live Friday" interview series to discuss the College's fourth annual workshop and forum for documentarians.
    Mar 6 2018
  • Skidmore News
    Skidmore to host documentary screening and panel discussion on global climate, health and culture Jan. 29
    Jan 27 2018
  • Skidmore News
    When a member of Skidmore's documentary-studies faculty started creating a TV series for Amazon Video, she hired students and alumni to work in crafts from writing to wardrobe.
    Jan 18 2018
  • Mt+McGregor+prison
    Justice and rehabilitation, inequity and immobility, and other complex issues of mass incarceration in America are themes in a faculty-student project that's part of a national traveling show.
    Sep 21 2017
  • Upstate+Youth+Radio
    Professor Adam Tinkle and student Adam Simon '19 are hosting Upstate Youth Radio, workshops teaching local kids how to write, produce, and broadcast.
    Jul 24 2017
  • MDOCS+Sunset+Park+documentary+project
    This weekend's "Festosium" will highlight Skidmore's summer Storytellers' Institute, including free, public events in film, sound, and other documentary media.
    Jun 5 2017