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Skidmore College
Off-Campus Study & Exchanges

OCSE Mission Statement

(Developed December 1996 by Terry Diggory at. al. and approved by a group of faculty and staff assembled by Phyllis Roth for discussion of the proposed office: Jim Chansky, Ann Henderson, John Anzalone, Juan Carlos Lertora, Giuseppe Faustini, Roy Ginsberg, Joel Smith, Lary Opitz, Tina Levith, Mao Chen, Jon Ramsey, R. Parthasarathy.)

NOTE: Off-Campus Study & Exchanges was previously named the "Office of International Programs."

The Office of International Programs promotes study abroad in fulfillment of four basic objectives of the Skidmore College mission:

  1. to prepare liberally educated graduates to continue their quest for knowledge and to make the choices required of informed, responsible citizens;
  2. to link theoretical with applied learning;
  3. to enhance education in the classroom, laboratory and studio through co-curricular and field experience; and
  4. to promote the scholarly and creative interests of faculty as they inform teaching and learning.

In relation to these objectives, the Office of International Programs specifically recognizes the increasingly global nature of communication, information, education, and commerce, the critical importance of cultural exchange, and the many other unique challenges international life poses both to undergraduate study and to the future lives of college graduates.

Accordingly, the Office of International Programs advises students and faculty about study abroad opportunities; oversees relevant contractual arrangements on behalf of the College; and promotes program enhancement and development. Programs are continually monitored to ensure quality, geographical diversity, range of experience (course work, independent study, internship), and affordability (fee structure, financial aid, work-study).

For students enrolled in programs, the Office provides orientation prior to departure and, upon return, encourages them to integrate what they have learned in further course work and co-curricular life. For faculty, the Office provides a resource for research and curriculum development, promotes exchange with program officers and faculty based abroad, and disseminates information about conferences and workshops accessible through program affiliations.