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Skidmore College

Pre-Departure Information

Before you leave campus:

  • If you originally applied to more than one program, notify the Office of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges of your final program choice by completing a Change of Status form available through OCSE.
  • Read thoroughly all the materials sent to you by your study abroad program and Skidmore's OCSE.
  • Complete all forms and paperwork as required by your program sponsor and Skidmore.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss the courses you will take when you return. Make a list of these classes and take it with you to your program abroad.
  • Provide OCSE with an e-mail address if it is different form your Skidmore address. Also, provide the mailroom with a forwarding address in the U.S.
  • Complete the Housing Preference Form and return it to the Office of Residential Life.
  • Pay all phone bills, parking tickets, and library fines before you leave campus.
  • Move everything out of your residence hall room or apartment. Return all library books and settle all outstanding matters on campus.


Before you leave the U.S.:

  • Make sure that you have a passport that will be valid at least six months beyond the end of your program.
  • Obtain all the required visas for your program and the countries you plan to visit. This process can take months to complete, so do not wait until the last minute! A call to your program provider is a good place to start.
  • Review information for each country you plan to visit. The magazine "The Economist" provides online Country Briefings, which can be a good source for background on your destinations. Another resource is the U.S. Department of State, which provides Background Notes on all countries.
  • Review the U.S. Department of State Current Travel Warnings, and note Skidmore's policy of not approving travel for its students to any country for which a Travel Warning has been issued.
  • Make sure that you have health insurance that will cover you abroad and includes medical evacuation and repatriationStudents participating on Skidmore programs and non-Skidmore Approved Programs will be covered through the Office of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges. Please see your plan brochure for details. Students studying on non-Skidmore Approved Programs may have additional coverage through their program provider and should check with their program provider for details.
  • Check with the Centers for Disease Control to see which immunizations are recommended or required for your program site.
  • Research the culture, history, customs and politics of your host country.
  • Know how you will handle other money related matters. Exchange a small amount of currency ($100 to $200) in advance (if possible) so that you have some cash available upon arrival arrive to your destination country.