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Skidmore College

Pre-Departure Checklists

Before you leave campus:

  • Attend OCSE pre-departure orientation.
  • Read thoroughly all the materials sent to you by your program provider and Skidmore's OCSE.
  • Complete all forms and paperwork as required by your program provider and Skidmore.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss the courses you will take when you return. Make a list of these classes and keep it handy during course registration. 
  • Provide OCSE with an e-mail address if it is different form your Skidmore address. Also, provide the mailroom with a forwarding address in the U.S.
  • Watch for an email from the Office of Residential Life on housing arragements for the semester you return.
  • Move everything out of your residence hall room or apartment. Return all library books and settle all outstanding matters on campus.

Before you leave the U.S.:

  • Make sure that you have a passport that will be valid at least six months beyond the end of your program.
  • Obtain all the required visas for your program and the countries you plan to visit. This process can take months to complete, so do not wait until the last minute! Make sure you read all information your program provider gives to you and ask questions! A call to your program provider is a good place to start.
  • Review information for each country you plan to visit. One resource is the U.S. Department of State, which provides Background Notes on all countries. Your program provider will also provide you information about your host country. 
  • Review the U.S. Department of State current travel advisories, and note Skidmore's policy of not approving travel for its students to any country for which a level 4 has been issued.
  • Make sure that you have health insurance that will cover you abroad and includes medical evacuation and repatriationStudents participating on Skidmore programs and non-Skidmore Approved Programs will be covered through the Office of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges. Please see your plan brochure for details. Students studying on non-Skidmore Approved Programs may have additional coverage through their program provider and should check with their program provider for details.
  • Check with the Centers for Disease Control to see which immunizations are recommended or required for your program site.
  • Research the culture, history, customs and politics of your host country.
  • Know how you will handle other money related matters. Exchange a small amount of currency ($100 to $200) in advance (if possible) so that you have some cash available upon arrival  to your destination country or have a plan as to how you will obtain cash upon arrival at the airport.