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Skidmore College
The Palamountain Benefit

Joseph C. and Anne T. Palamountain Scholarship Fund 

Our Mission

Anne PalamountainAll proceeds from the Palamountain Scholarship Benefit go to the Joseph C. and Anne T. Palamountain Scholarship Fund, created to honor Skidmore's late president and his wife for their 22 years of dedicated service and leadership at the College.

The scholarship benefit was launched by Anne Palamountain in 1979. Seven years later the Palamountain Scholarship Fund was officially established with a gift from Mr. William Murray and the Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust of New York City. Many thousands of donors have honored the Palamountains by contributing to this endowed fund.

The Palamountain Scholarship Fund provides support for students who, because of financial need, might not otherwise be able to attend Skidmore. Aid from the fund is given annually to financially eligible juniors and seniors whose outstanding academic records and cocurricular service exemplify the unique contribution that the Palamountains have made to Skidmore College.

You cannot expect a person to come up with creative solutions to complex problems unless you allow that person to develop their own creative tools. We must focus on ways to develop that creative part of our collective mind through education if we are to endure on this planet.”
Anne Palamountain
Skidmore's Cheerleader

Anne Palamountain, Skidmore’s “First Lady” for 22 Years

Anne Palamountain, Skidmore’s “First Lady” for 22 Years


In 1979, Anne, wife of Skidmore's fourth president, created the Palamountain Benefit to raise resources for students requiring financial assistance to attend the College. Anne's many years of dedication to the scholarship fund and to what is now knows as the Palamountain Benefit has allowed more than 350 scholarships to be awarded.

Since 1979, the annual Palamountain Scholarship Benefit has been raising funds to make a college education accessible to all students, which was Anne’s greatest passion. While I did not have the privilege of meeting Anne, I know that her legacy and that of her husband Joseph Palamountain, the fourth president of Skidmore, live on. Since the fundraiser’s inception, more than 350 Palamountain Scholarships have been awarded to directly support our students.
President MARC C. CONNER

Anne Palamountain


Please help us to continue the strong support of scholarships at Skidmore College that Anne Palamountain championed for so many years.