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Skidmore College
Phi Beta Kappa

Visiting Scholars

The Phi Beta Kappa Society sponsors the Visiting Scholar Program, which each year assembles a panel of distinguished scholars and statespersons from which PBK chapters may request a visitor. A visiting scholar typically stays two days at each host institution, during which time he/she delivers a public lecture, visits selected classes and meets informally with students and faculty. The Skidmore chapter's practice is to request a visiting scholar every other year.

The Phi Beta Kappa Endowment Fund in honor of Eleanor "Ellie" L. Huston

In 2007, Douglas Huston (one of the chapter's distinguished emeriti) and the family of Ellie Huston established an endowment fund to support the chapter's program of speakers; we are immensely grateful for their generous and thoughtful gift. In the list below, an asterisk (*) indicates that the scholar's visit was supported by the Huston endowment.

Visiting Scholars and other speakers hosted by the Skidmore chapter

Visiting Scholars

2017–18: Mary Miller, art
2016–17: Jennifer L. Hochschild, government

2008–09: Vassiliki Betty Smocovitis, history and zoology (*)
2006–07: Gary B. Nash, history
2004–05: Linda Greenhouse, constitutional law
2001–02: Richard A. Lanham, English
1999–2000: James O. Freedman, law
1997–98: Gary Tomlinson, music history
1995–96: Eric Chaisson, astrophysics
1993–94: Anna Roosevelt, anthropology
1990–91: Steven F. Maier, psychology
1989–90: Sylvia Ardyn Boone, art history and Afro-American studies
1988–89: Lynn Margulis, biology
1987–88: Telford Taylor, government
1984–85: David Brion Davis, history
1983–84: Sherman Lee, Asian art
1982–83: Nancie L. Gonzalez, anthropology
1980–81: Evelyn Witkin, biology
1978–79: Susan H. Rudolph, political science
1976–77: Helen Vendler, English
1973–74: Kenneth Elzinga, economics
1971–72: Gordon Craig, history

Fellows (formerly associates) Lecturers

2004–05: George Saliba, Arabic studies (return engagement)
2003–04: George Saliba, Arabic studies
1986–87: Catherine Stimpson, English
1985–86: John L. Brown, comparative literature

Locally Arranged Speakers

1977–78: Larzar Ziff, American literature