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Skidmore College
Peer Tutoring Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Other Questions or Concerns?
Please contact SAS at

How do I get a tutor?

  • For individual tutoring requests, click here and you will find a form to fill out. Once you submit the form, an appropriate tutor will be found for you. This process usually takes one to two working days, though it may take longer depending on tutor availability. When a tutor has been found, you will be alerted by email and given the tutor’s contact information so that you may contact that person to set up a tutoring schedule.
  • For drop-in tutoring, click here; no signup required! Stop by a drop-in tutoring session for a part of or the full session.

When should I use tutoring?

  • Early!
  • When you are struggling with a concept
  • When you are trying to assess how deeply you comprehend the material
  • When you feel stuck on problem-solving

How should I use tutoring?

To get the most out of your time with a tutor, prepare ahead for the session. The tutor will ask what you want to work on, so come knowing what you want to accomplish with the tutor. You might come to:

  • work through a question on a problem set;
  • review for a test;
  • talk through a concept you covered in lecture, lab, or reading; or
  • organize class material and create study tools.

What courses do you tutor?

Student Academic Services’ peer tutoring, open to and free for all Skidmore students from first-years to seniors, is available (drop-in or by appointment) for most courses, based on tutor availability. The tutors are your peers—all Skidmore undergraduates who have been trained to work with you on in specific disciplines, and at all levels. Their goal is to provide you with a safe, comfortable, congenial place to discuss any of your academic concerns and questions.

What other tutoring resources are there?

These groups serve students primarily during the academic year. Check out their websites or contact them directly for more information.

The Skidmore College Writing Center, Scribner Library, Room 440; ext. 8441

The Skidmore Writing Center, open to and free for all Skidmore students, has proved to be a vital resource for writers from first-years to seniors. Writing Center tutors are your peers—all Skidmore undergraduates who have been trained to work with you on your writing process, in all disciplines, and at all levels. Their goal is to provide you with a safe, comfortable, congenial place to discuss any of your writing concerns and questions. You can seek a conversation at any stage in the writing process: Figuring out where or how to start an assignment, gathering ideas, organizing ideas, beginning a draft, completing a draft, revising, or fine-tuning your prose. Tutors will work with you to analyze a text, develop an argument, compare or integrate theories, write a lab report or revise personal statements for graduate school, scholarship or internship applications.

Math and Computer Science (MCS) Lab, Harder 209 (Math) and Harder 207 (CS)

The MCS Peer Tutoring and Computing Lab is operated by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and provides tutorial and computing support for mathematics and computer science courses. Quantitative Reasoning (QR) tutors are available to assist students working to satisfy QR requirements as well as students enrolled in departmental courses.

Foreign Language Resource Center (FLRC)

The Foreign Language Resource Center provides resources for foreign-language study. The facility includes multiple computer stations for use in the evenings, an interactive Smartboard and multi-region DVD and VCR players with large-screen projection. The student stations also include webcams and headsets with microphones for intensive language practice and multimedia production. The FLRC also has an open study area with four computer workstations for use by students on a drop-in basis. The lab also offers a lounge area for viewing foreign videos and TV from foreign stations received by satellite. An adjacent workroom provides three additional workstations with hardware and software to support the production of multimedia projects.

How long do most individual tutoring sessions last?

  • Sessions last, on average, one hour.
  • Individual sessions should last no longer than two hours.
  • Students can meet with their individual tutor one to three times a week, if needed.

Do I need to attend the entire drop-in tutoring session?

No. These sessions last between one and two hours. You may attend the full session or any portion that you choose. You are free to attend as needed. 

How do I become a tutor?

Individual Tutor Application, click here

Students applying to be a tutor must have:

  • completed their first-year at Skidmore;
  • maintained a 3.0 GPA;
  • earned an A or better in the course;
  • successfully completed a related course in the discipline; and
  • departmental criteria and review.

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