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Physics Majors

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Effective for students entering fall 2013 and beyond:

Students majoring in physics are required to:

  1. Fulfill the general college requirements.

  2. Complete the following:

    1. PY 207 or PY 207H, PY 208, PY 209 (as a corequisite for PY 210), PY 210, PY 211, PY 213, PY 261(twice), PY 331, PY 345, PY 346, PY 348, PY 373, and at least three additional credits of physics.

    2. MA 200, MA 202, and MA 270.

WRITING REQUIREMENT IN THE MAJOR: The physics writing requirement is designed to ensure that physics majors are  familiar with the methods used to present and discuss new developments in physics.  Physics majors will, at multiple points during their time at Skidmore, read actual journal articles, write reports in journal-article form, and give oral presentations.  They will also develop a habit of reading magazine and newspaper articles on physics, and come to understand the differences between this form of writing and that of a journal research paper.  Three required courses will emphasize these skills at various points in students' progress through the major:  PY 209, PY 261, and PY 373.

Physics majors are also strongly encouraged to take computer science.

For a physics major combined with an engineering program, see Preparation for Profession: Affiliated Programs and Other Agreements.

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