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Skidmore College
Psychology Department

Departmental Requirements

You can find the official version of the department requirements in the online Catalog.

The major in psychology is designed to provide basic knowledge in the major subareas of the field, and to prepare those interested in graduate study.

The department believes that psychology majors should:

1. Have basic knowledge in several sub-areas of psychology.

2. Have the quantitative and research skills necessary to be informed users and consumers of psychology research.

3. Be able to evaluate, integrate, and think critically with respect to theoretical and applied issues in psychology.

4. Be able to communicate ideas effectively through written and oral forms.

Thus, the program stresses the quantitative and verbal skills required for understanding basic research and various applications of research findings. Students planning to major in psychology should have a solid background in written expression and quantitative skills. Students are encouraged to take writing-intensive courses as preparation for the major, along with a course in mathematics.