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Skidmore College

College and Community Partnerships and Projects

Initial goals

  1. Partner with Saratoga Springs’ task force on Police Reform and Reinvention. 
  2. Participate in ongoing dialogues with the Saratoga Springs community. 
  3. Launch a program of review and engagement with Skidmore’s Campus Safety staff and unit. 
  4. Encourage, facilitate, and support antiracism training for every unit, department, and program in the College. 
Key Progress Efforts in Motion
A Skidmore faculty member and a retired faculty member served on Saratoga Springs’ task force on Police Reform and Reinvention in 2020-2021. It has concluded its activities and issued a final report.  Efforts at enhanced cooperation and positive relations between the College and the city of Saratoga Springs continue. In the fall of 2022, President Conner will form the Community Relations Team, which will work to regularize and make consistent these relationships.
The College initiated a series of ongoing dialogues with the Saratoga Springs community. Ongoing conversations aim for mutual understanding and partnership. These dialogues, which began in our mutual efforts to encourage safe practices during the COVID-19 pandemic, include Skidmore students, staff, and faculty, as well as the citizenry and leadership of Saratoga Springs. The goal is to ensure a safe and welcoming community for all of us, in which trust and collaboration are the guiding principles. 
The College engaged recent data to help understand any concerns with Campus Safety and put in place processes to ensure the best outcomes for Campus Safety staff and for the Skidmore community they serve.  A finished external evaluation of Skidmore Campus Safety was completed in late spring 2021. That evaluation will be examined, and relevant action steps will be planned by the fall of 2022. A major finding was the need to more accurately communicate the actions and efforts of Campus Safety on our campus. 
Opportunities for antiracism training, facilitated by trained professionals in antiracism in the context of higher education and particularly classroom interactions, are being offered.