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Lisa Aronson, art history, says turn-of-the-century Nigerian photographer J. A. Green’s work, while gaining importance, has been “hidden in plain sight.” Until now. With a Getty research grant, she
and three other researchers will study and illuminate Green’s art. Working in the US, England, and Nigeria, they’ll trace his travels, interview descendants of his clients and photographic subjects, and facilitate wider access to his work—either digitized or printed from his original glass negatives. Green’s photos have been used, but
often uncredited, in a wide range of Western publications. Aronson says his portraits (like this one of Chief William Brown’s wives and daughter, above) are particularly revealing as he straddled two cultures: British colonial and his own Ibani Ijo.

Mary Ann Foley
, psychology, is lead author (with Kevin Wozniak ’05 and Allison Gillum ’06) of a paper on imagination and false memory, forthcoming
in Applied Cognitive Psychology.

Crystal Moore, social work, was one of twelve US scholars to win an award from the Gerontological Society of America. She’ll use the grant to study elderly patients and their caregivers who try to help with communication and decision-making.

Mehmet Odekon, economics, is editor of Encyclopedia of World Poverty, by Sage Publications.

Mary Stange, women’s studies and religion, consulted for and appeared in
a PBS “American Experience” documentary about Annie Oakley.

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