Scope Quiz: Who, what, when?

So, tell us...
Football at Skidmore? In the days before facemasks and serious padding? Who are these guys, what was the occasion of this game, and who won?

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            From last time: Fall Quiz 2001
Swim meet:
The Synchronettes, Skidmore’s synchronized swimming team, “was coached by Professor Anne Fairbanks and produced a show for Happy Pappy weekend each spring,” writes Elizabeth Raff Nace ’73. “If memory holds true, the theme of this particular show was ‘Signs of the Times,’ and this might be part of our ‘car’ number.”

Indeed the label on the photo reads “Signs of the Times,” but Deborah Bock ’71 has documentary evidence—she dug up an old program from that 1970 show—proving that its actual title was “Sound the Symbols.” And Bock says the formation in the photo was the “Peace” number, swum to the tune of Debussy’s “Clair de lune,” in which she took part. The program also lists Nace as one of the swimmers in the “Hitchhhiker” number, whose music included Roger Miller’s “King of the Road.”