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Skidmore College
Student Government Association Student Government Association

Elections and Joining SGA

Spring 2018 Election Results

Total voters: 396 

SGA President: Max Fleischman
Executive Vice President: Robyn Pattison
VP for Academic Affairs: Riley Filister
VP for Financial Affairs: Clare Smith
VP for Student Life: Mark Bowling
VP for Inclusion and Outreach: David Robakidze
VP for Club Affairs: Owen O'Donnelll

SEC Chair: Evelyn Wang
Speakers Bureau Chair: Esme Edwards

Senior Class President: Nigel Smith

Junior Class President: Kinser Bonner
Junior Class Vice President: Candace Huntington 

Junior Class Finance Officer: Samuel Tesfamariam
Junior Class Events Coordinator: Ryan Munley
Junior Class Senator: Cristal Maria, Faisal Namanya , Ethan Reardon and Daisy Rodriguez
Sophomore Class President: Rachael Borthwick
Sophomore Class Vice President: Catherine Yoon
Sophomore Class Finance Officer: Talha Bin Fahim
Sophomore Class Marketing Officer: Jordana Weinberger

Sophomore Class Events Officer: Lucy Battle

Sophomore Class Senator: Liza Bryan, Amelia Schuster, and Abdul Shokur



Willingness to Serve

Willingness to serve is the process by which SGA fills committee seats and vacant elected seats in the middle of the year. Applying is fast and easy. Click here to start.



Current Vacancies 


Inter-Class Council

Committees and Commissions

  • Academic Council
    • Arts Representative (2)
    • Pre-Professional Representative (2)
    • Humanities Representative (2)
    • Social Science Representative (2)
    • Natural Science Representative (2)
  • Budget and Finance Committee
  • Club Affairs Committee 
  • Communications and Operations 
  • Committee on Inclusion ahd Outreach
  • Committee on Student Life
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Multiple Commissions

Contact with questions.