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Skidmore College
Summer Sessions
COVID-19 UPDATE: On April 13, the College announced its decision to cancel Summer Session 1 and Summer Session 2 courses for 2020. The courses will not be offered online. Summer internships-for-credit and independent studies remain as options for Skidmore students for this summer and may be arranged through the normal processes detailed here.


Visiting Students


Skidmore welcomes students enrolled at other colleges and universities to take summer courses here. Apply for summer courses via the visiting student application below.



  • Complete Visiting Student Application.
  • Application deadlines are May 22 for Summer Session 1 and June 26 for Summer Session 2.
  • Are you a high school student? If yes, you must apply through the Pre-College Program in order to take summer courses at Skidmore.
  • Students who have been accepted at Skidmore or at another accredited college or university for fall 2020 should apply through the Pre-College Program.


  • Tuition costs: tuition and fees.
    Please NOTE: On-Campus housing is not available for visiting students.

Refund policy