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The Philip Boshoff Writing Center

Becoming a Writing Center Tutor

Writing Center

To become a Philip Boshoff Writing Center tutor, you must first be nominated by a Skidmore faculty member. Each spring, we ask the faculty to recommend students—rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors—who are superior, confident, and thoughtful readers and writers, who listen well and patiently, who interact adaptively and productively with peers and instructors, who maintain impeccable work habits, and who bring fresh ideas and approaches to their work.

We seek prospective tutors from across the curriculum, so that the Writing Center can reflect the range of disciplines available in our liberal arts curriculum.

Once we receive recommendations, nominated students submit a writing sample. Based on both the faculty recommendation and the writing sample, prospective tutors are scheduled for brief interviews with the director or assistant director and a head tutor.

Those selected as prospective tutors must then register for EN 303H, Peer Tutoring Project in Expository Writing, co-taught by Writing Center Director Philip Boshoff and Assistant Director Martha Wiseman. The course focuses on both practical and theoretical aspects of tutoring, offering students guided experience, intensive discussion of issues in collaborative learning, and a solid grounding in rhetorical and discourse theory. EN 303H is taught only in the fall.

Upon successful completion of the course, students apply through Student Employment to become paid Writing Center tutors, working, on average, six to eight hours per week in the Writing Center. 


Please see Important Notes below!

Class year
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1. Please send a writing sample—an assigned essay that best represents your college writingto and

2. We require a faculty recommendation for all prospective Writing Center tutors. Please ask a faculty member whether he or she will support your application. If so, ask that faculty member to send a brief email, as soon as possible, explaining why you might make a strong tutor, to and

Once we have evaluated your writing sample and received your faculty nomination, we will schedule a brief interview.

We look forward to meeting you!