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Skidmore College
Anthropology Department

Guide to Programs

A great way to start looking for the right graduate program in anthropology is to visit the websites of individual universities. For a complete listing of North American graduate programs in anthropology with links, consult the following page available through 'Anthropology Resources on the Internet':

Anthropology is an extremely broad discipline. Many graduate programs offer training in specialized sub-divisions of anthropology. Follow the links below for more information.

  • Applied Anthropology puts anthropological perspectives to use in national and international issues. ANTHAP, the applied anthropology computer network, provides a list of graduate programs that include applied study.

  • Medical Anthropology is a rapidly growing division of anthropology dealing with the cross-cultural study of the body, health, disease, illness, suffering, and healing. The Society for Medical Anthropology maintains a list of programs for interested students to consult:

  • Nutritional Anthropology concerns itself with understanding the socio-cultural, behavioral and political-economic factors related to food and nutrition. This program guide is provided by the Council on Nutritional Anthropology (CNA):