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Skidmore College
Anthropology Department

Anthropology Major Requirements


Requirements for students who entered Skidmore in fall 2015 (Class of 2019) and beyond:
Students are encouraged to declare anthropology as a major before registering for fall semester of classes of their junior year. None of the required courses or 300-level anthropology courses - except AN 365 or AN 399 - fulfilling the major may be taken on an S/U basis. ***For Fall 2020 only, the Anthropology Department will permit majors to apply a Fall 2020 AN course taken for S/U/CR grade towards the major requirements. To receive major credit the student must achieve an S or CR grade.***

The anthropology major must successfully complete a minimum of 11 courses and 33 credits in anthropology as follows:
1. Introduction and Exploration

a. Introduction: AN 101 and AN 102 (students may take the courses in either order or concurrently)

b. Geographic-area requirement: one course among AN 205 , AN 207, AN 208, AN 224, AN 227, AN 229, (AN 251 or AN 252 may also count when applicable)

2. Foundation
Completion of the foundation requirements is strongly recommended as preparation for 300-level courses and study abroad. All foundation courses must be completed at Skidmore College.

a. History of anthropological thought: AN 270 (offered every Fall and occassionally in Spring semesters)

b. Research methods: AN 202 or AN 201 (offered in Fall semesters only)

3. Application and Synthesis

a. One 300-level anthropology course for 4 credits and designated R (research), W (writing), or V (visual analysis) or any special topics course designated as AN 351D or AN 352D or AN 353D. Students learn the conventions of writing in anthropology in any 4-credit course at the 300-level. This course must be taken in the senior year at Skidmore.
b. Two additional 300-level anthropology courses totaling at least 6 credits. These courses must be taken at Skidmore.
c. The senior capstone course in anthropology: AN 365 Applying Anthropology (must be taken in Fall of senior year).

4. Additional credits and electives
In addition to the above, students must take additional credits at any level as necessary to complete the required 33 credits for the major. To fulfill college maturity-level requirements, at least six credits of 300-level anthropology courses must be taken in the senior year.

It is recommended that students complete AN 101, AN 102, AN 201, or AN 202 before study abroad experiences.

THE WRITING REQUIREMENT IN THE MAJOR: All Anthropology majors fulfill the writing requirement by completing AN 270, and either AN 202 or AN 201. Writing skills will be further developed by taking at least one 300-level course for four credits and AN 365. Upon completion of the Anthropology Writing Requirement, students are able to: 1) write papers that demonstrate an understanding of proper grammar, syntax, punctuation; and 2) consistently apply anthropology's writing conventions to their written work, including the formulation of anthropologically informed questions, effective use of concepts and theories, effective organization of analytical papers, and correct format of bibliographic citations and references.

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