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Skidmore College
Card Office

Skidmore ID Card Rules

This page is a summary of key rules. Please also read the Card Holder Agreement.


Give us a call at
(518) 580-5854

Refunds: No cash withdrawals from the card account are permitted. Student payroll money may be withdrawn in cash at the Skidmore Shop. A cardholder who is no longer a student or employee of the college for any reason, including withdrawal from the college, graduation or termination of employment, may request a refund of his/her account balance. No refunds will be issued if the balance is less than $20.00. No refunds, other than described in this paragraph, will be issued to cardholders. The college reserves the right to apply balances to charges remaining on student accounts prior to making any final refunds. Accounts with no activity during a 12-month period are considered inactive. Inactive accounts with balances over $20 will be assessed a monthly $20 inactivity fee.
Lost Card Notification: If your Skidmore Card is lost or stolen, click the "Manage your Card" link and then the "Report Lost/Stolen" link. This will immediately deactivate your card. You should also contact the Card Office during normal office hours to confirm the card loss and arrange for a replacement card.

Lost Card Replacement: Your first Skidmore Card, issued when you first arrive on campus, is free of charge. You will be charged a $25 fee for any replacement ID cards.

Protect your Card: Please treat your Skidmore Card as you would a credit or ATM card. Magnetic fields will destroy the information encoded on the card; bending, scratching or punching holes in the card may also render it unreadable.

Meal Plans: Your Skidmore Card must be presented for entry into all Skidmore dining halls. Students who do not have their card with them can purchase a meal ticket at the door and obtain a refund at the Skidmore Card Office upon presentation of the card. 

Card Presentation: Keep your card with you at all times. You may need to present it as proof of your Skidmore status. This includes, for example, when checking out books at the library or when gaining access to the Sports Center.

Automatic Deposit: Skidmore employees can arrange to deposit automatically into the Skidmore ID Card via payroll deducation. To participate, fill out this form, and return it to the Payroll Office in Barrett Center.


Unauthorized use by someone other than the cardholder, as well as tampering with or altering a card, warrants confiscation and possible disciplinary action by the college. You should have your card with you at all times, and it must be produced upon request for properly identified college officials.


SKidmore ID

Remember that you can use your Card wherever you see the logo displayed.

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When it comes to convenience, your Skidmore ID Card is your ticket!