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Skidmore College
Chemistry Department


Recent External Funding Granted to Skidmore Chemistry Faculty

RUI: Characterization and modulation of SH3 domain binding pathway biophysics (2019-2022) PI: K. Aurelia Ball, NSF MCB 1852677 ($364,418)

National Science Foundation – Center for Chemical Innovation – $20,000,000 research grant, 10/01/18 to 09/30/23 “CCI: Center for Aerosol Impacts on Chemistry of the Environment.” Kimberly Prather (Director, PI), Vicki Grassian (Director, Co-PI), Timothy Bertram (Director, Co-PI), Heather Allen (Senior Investigator, Co-PI), Rommie Amaro (Senior Investigator, Co-PI), Abraham K. Badu-Tawiah (Senior Investigator, Co-PI), Christopher Cappa (Senior Investigator, Co-PI), Robert Continetti (Senior Investigator, Co-PI), Paul DeMott (Senior Investigator, Co-PI), Benny Gerber (Senior Investigator, Co-PI), Mark Johnson (Senior Investigator, Co-PI), Mario Molina (Senior Investigator, Co-PI), Gilbert Nathanson (Senior Investigator, Co-PI), Juan G. Navea (Senior Investigator, Co-PI),  Robert Pomeroy (Senior Investigator, Co-PI), Dale Stokes (Senior Investigator, Co-PI), Elizabeth Stone (Senior Investigator, Co-PI), Alexei Tivanski (Senior Investigator, Co-PI), Wei Xiong (Senior Investigator, Co-PI). 

National Science Foundation – Major Research Instruments - $621,026 research grant, 08/01/18 to 08/01/20  “ MRI: Acquisition of a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope and Energy Dispersive Spectrometry Attachment for High Resolution Imaging at Skidmore College” )", David Domozych – PI, Juan G. Navea (Co-PI), Kimberly Frederick (Co-PI), Jason Breves (Co-PI), and Richard Linderman (Co-PI).

Photosensitized Formation of HONO and NOx from Sea Spray Aerosol: The Role of Organic Matter in the Marine Boundary Layer” (2016-2018). PI: J. Navea, Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment – CAICE. ($60,000) 

RUI: Evolution of Bacterial Asparaginyl-tRNA Synthesis  (2016-2020) PI: K. Sheppard, NSF MCB 1615770 ($315,488). 

A Kinetic Study Of The Oxidation Of Chemisorbed Hydrocarbons By Non-Thermal Plasma (2016-2019) PI: J. Navea, ACS-PRF ($70,000).

MRI: Addition of High Performance Computers for the Molecular Education and Research Consortium in Undergraduate computational chemistRY (MERCURY) (2016-2019) PI: G. Shields, CO-PIs: M. Gomez, C. Parish, M. Zimmer, M. Nagan, T Shepherd, M. Cafiero, K. Donald, B. Eggimann, D. Gao, E. Patterson, A. Van Wynsberghe, K. Anderson, S. Bhattacharyay, J. Phillips, A. Tomlinson, G. Barnes, C. Bruce, N. Boekelheide, J. Dong, D. Kosenkov, A. McDonald, B. Miller III, J. Navea, J. Schrier, I. Sumner, M. Varner, NSH CHE 1229354 ($225,000).

RUI: Dual Routes for Asparaginyl-tRNA Synthesis in Bacteria (2013-2016) PI: K. Sheppard, NSF MCB 1244326 ($303,707).

Expanding the Genetic Code with Pyroglutamate (2011-2014) PI: K. Sheppard, Research Corp Cottrell College Science Award ID 20102  ($35,000).

MRI-R2: From Molecules to Ecosystems: Establishment of the Skidmore Analytical Interdisciplinary Laboratory (SAIL) (2010-2013) PI: C. Gibson, CO-PIs: D. Domozych, J. Ness, K. Frederick, H. Hurst, NSF DBI 0959476 ($547,755).

Development and Implementation of an Inquiry-Based, Laboratory-Driven, General Chemistry Sequence (2010-2014) PI: K. Frederick, NSF DUE 0941951 ($198,224).