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Chemistry Department


Recent Publications by Skidmore Chemistry Faculty


(Skidmore Chemistry faculty in bold, Skidmore undergraduates underlined)


C. A. Vilchis-Nestor, M. L. Roldán, A. Leonardi, J. G. Navea, T. Padilla-Benavides, L. Shoshani. Ouabain enhances cell-cell adhesion mediated by β1 subunits of the Na+,K+-ATPase in CHO fibroblasts. Int. J. Molec. Sci. 2019. 20(9), 2111.

J. V. G. Shellaina, Y. Xiao, A. L. Paskavitz, N. Navarro-Tito, J. G. Navea, T. Padilla-Benavides. Atomic absorbance spectroscopy as a tool to measure intracellular Zn pools in mammalian cells. Journal of Visualized Experiments. 2019. (147), e59519. Authors contributed equally to the work. 

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Navea's JPCA cover artOstaszewski, C. J.;Stuart, N. M.;  Lesko, D. M. B.;  Kim, D.; Lueckheide, M. J.; Navea, J. G., Effects of Coadsorbed Water on the Heterogeneous Photochemistry of Nitrates Adsorbed on TiO2. Phys. Chem. A 2018,122(31), 6360-6371.



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Ferro, A.;Carbone, E.;  Zhang, J.;  Marzouk, E.; Villegas, M.;  Siegel, A.;  Nguyen, D.; Possidente, T.;  Hartman, J.;  Polley, K.; Ingram, M. A.;  Berry, G.;  Reynolds, T. H.;  Possidente, B.;  Frederick, K.;  Ives, S.; Lagalwar, S., Short-term succinic acid treatment mitigates cerebellar mitochondrial OXPHOS dysfunction, neurodegeneration and ataxia in a Purkinje-specific spinocerebellar ataxia type 1 (SCA1) mouse model. PLoS One 2017,12(12), e0188425/1-e0188425/20.


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