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Skidmore College
Committee on Intercultural and Global Understanding


  • Chief Diversity Officer, Co-Chair
  • Two faculty members (at least one a teaching faculty member) elected for three-year terms through a willingness-to-serve process administered by the Faculty Executive Committee.  One of the faculty members serves as Co-Chair and sits on IPPC
  • Director of the Office of Student Diversity Programs
  • Assistant Director for EEO and Workforce Diversity
  • Associate Dean of the Faculty for Personnel, Development, and Diversity or designee
  • Student Government Association Vice President for Inclusion and Outreach
  • One student member appointed through the Student Government Association willingness-to-serve process
  • Director of the Office of Opportunity Program or her/his designee
  • Director of Off-Campus Study and Exchanges or her/his designee
  • One representative from the Office of Admissions appointed by the Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
  • One non-exempt staff member elected for a three-year term by a willingness-to serve process administered by the Office of the President
  • Chair of the Bias Response Group