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Diplomas in hand

Important Dates

January 5-16 Seniors will be reminded via e-mail to review their degree audits online and address missing requirements.
February 10-27 Final Opportunity to submit declaration forms for an undeclared major or minor.  Declare now
or graduate without it!  Forms are available at the Registrar's Office.
February 16 President's Commencement letter and information mailed to 2015 Parents.
March 2-6 Seniors will receive email instructions regarding the online Commencement Application and Diploma process.
March 31

Last day to complete the online Commencement Application and Diploma.

April 13

Pre-approved August grads who will be completing requirements over the summer will receive
instructions regarding the submission of a degree completion plan.

April 21-22 GRAD FAIR - Mandatory attendance for seniors in one of the two sessions offered. 
Everything seniors need to do to prepare for Commencement.
April 16-May 15 Purchase Cap and Gown at the Skidmore Shop 
April 28 Last day of classes
April 30-May 3 Study Days
May 4-8 Final exams
May 11-15 Senior Week
May 13 Commencement Rehearsal
May 15-16 Commencement Weekend - See schedule of events
May 16 Skidmore College's 104th Commencement Exercises