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Developing Minds Center

A typical study

If you and/or your child elect to participate in a study run by the Developing Minds Center, here is what you can expect from a typical visit.

Studies are conducted on Skidmore’s campus in the Tisch Learning Center. For detailed instructions on how to find the Tisch and both of our lab spaces, please click on the driving directions tab.

Autumn 2004 Skidmore campus
A member of either the Language and Social Development Lab or the Early Learning Lab will meet you outside the building at your appointed time, which we’ll schedule and confirm with you beforehand by phone and/or email.

Early Learning Lab   Language and Social Development Lab
Early Learning Lab      Language and Social Development Lab

Studies in both labs feel less like work and more like play. You may hear a lab member refer to a study as a game or short movie—this is a fitting description of how our studies are designed in the Developing Minds Center.

Commonly in a study, situations, stories or new words are shared with a child through speech or pictures. The child is then asked to give his or her responses to questions about the information they have just been presented. The primary motivations for most of our studies in the Developing Minds Center surround questions about language acquisition, early logic and reasoning skills and/or social development.

Total time for participation will vary depending on which study you are participating in; however, no single visit to the lab should last more than 30–45 minutes. Upon completion of a study, you may be asked to fill out some short surveys. Your child will always get to pick out a prize for their participation. Siblings of all ages are welcome to come along.

For more detail about our studies, please see our individual lab websites: