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Skidmore College

Natalie Gillard

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FACTUALITY: A Crash Course on Structural Inequality in America #1

Thursday, October 11
11:45—1 p.m.

Payne Room, Tang Teaching Museum

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FACTUALITY: A Crash Course on Structural Inequality in America #2

Thursday, October 11
4:30—5:45 p.m.
Payne Room, Tang Teaching Museum

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Natalie GillardDuring her undergraduate experience, Natalie Gillard found that support for individuals from diverse backgrounds was rather limited. The latter ignited her desire to pursue a self-designed graduate study in Race and Ethnic Relations, as well as diverse professional opportunities. Natalie has held various inclusion roles over her 11 year career in the field of Higher Education, presently serving as Stevenson University's Assistant Vice President for Multicultural Experience. She is the creator of FACTUALITY, a facilitated dialogue, crash course, and board game, all in one, that explores structural inequality based on national statistics, in America. FACTUALITY has supported the diversity and inclusion initiatives of Fortune 500 company, Lockheed Martin, the College Board, Bill Gates Millennium Scholars, and The University of Arizona, where author and civil rights activist, bell hooks participated. FACTUALITY has reached over 2500 participants, has been featured in Baltimore Magazine, the Afro American Newspapers, Boston Voyager, and is listed in the Kellogg Foundation's Racial and Equity Resource Guide.

FACTUALITYFACTUALITY is a facilitated dialoguecrash course, and board game, all in one, that simulates real life experiences in America. It is played with a rich group of diverse characters (in the accompanying graphic) that encounter a series of fact based advantages and limitations based on the intersection of their race, gender, sexual orientation, faith, and class.


  • racial discrimination
  • religious discrimination
  • redlining & gentrification
  • gender discrimination
  • (mental) health discrimination
  • race & gender pay gaps
  • incarceration & bail disparities
  • sexual orientation discrimination

Visit the FACTUALITY website