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Skidmore College

Addressing Microbehaviors

Microaggressions are only one part of the equation. This 2-hour virtual instructor-led workshop explores how microbehaviors can lead to a climate of mistrust and exclusion that negatively impacts individual and organizational performance. Participants will practice communication strategies to repair as well as prevent any harm that might occur from these exchanges and discover their own way to contribute to a strong and inclusive organizational culture.


Wed. April 6, 2022
10 a.m.–noon

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Kimberly DaileyKimberly Dailey is the co-CEO of Dailey Innovations – a diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm – and a passionate creator of inclusion with over 30 years of experience using Purposeful Creativity MethodsSM to bring clarity, passion, and alignment to diverse teams. Having designed over 1,000 training curricula and trained in over 25 countries, Kimberly is an expert in building insight, connection, and empathy between diverse groups deeply and quickly. Her book, “Purposeful Creativity Methods: A Guidebook for Creating Insight and Connection in Organizations and Communities,” provides neuroscience-based techniques for trainers and educators on ways to facilitate meaningful encounters between people who often see themselves as unlikely partners.  

Kimberly holds a B.A. from Georgetown University, an M.S.W. from Howard University, and is certified in the areas of Life Management Facilitation and Organizational Development from Georgetown University. She is also a certified psychodramatist. 

Kimberly is returning from In It 3.