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Skidmore College
Environmental Studies and Sciences

Education / Outdoor Leadership

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Preschool kids learn garden ecology.

Below are organizations where ESS students have had local internships working on environmental curriculum, service learning, and educational practices.

For opportunities away from Skidmore, check out summer camps or environmental education centers.  There are also many clearinghouse websites for opportunities in this field.  Some good ones are listed here:

Orion Magazine has a Grassroots Jobsource site that allows you to search for jobs based on interest area, location, and level of experience, plus allows you to sign up for email notifications.

AmeriCorps is a volunteer civil service program that engages people in public service work.  Pick a state and GO!

FoodCorps offers opportunities to work in school gardens and farm-to-school programs.

Texas A&M’s Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Science job board has educational opportunities as well as jobs in other environmental fields.

North American Association for Environmental Education has a clearinghouse of internships and jobs in environmental education, and you can sign up for a weekly jobs newsletter.

Eco Employ covers environmental jobs in the US and Canada.

Environmental Career Opportunities (ECO) offers job opportunities in environmental education as well as other environmental fields.

Environmental Jobs lists jobs in education as well as engineering, science, policy, and energy, and you can sign up for a weekly jobs bulletin.

Conservation Job Board has a clearinghouse of internships and jobs in environmental education and other fields, and you can sign up for email notifications.

Open Channels focuses on marine and ocean jobs, internships, research, and teaching.

Nature Bridge lists internships in National Parks that are mostly environmental education/outreach related. You can also find more Nature Bridge jobs listed here.