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Skidmore College

Acceptance and assurance

Skidmore’s commitment to financial aid stems from our quest to find the most talented students from across the country and around the world. It also stems from our belief that if a student belongs at Skidmore, it's our responsibility to help them get here, thrive here, and succeed afterwards — and that means meeting 100% of demonstrated need. 

Our commitment to affordability means that we will find a way for accepted students to attend and put together a realistic aid package based on their family's ability to pay. And doing so responsibly, while striving to create a socio-economically diverse campus, has never been more important. 

Need awARE

Many colleges are either “need blind” or “need aware.” Need blind schools make admissions decisions independent of a student’s ability to pay; but most aren’t able to commit to providing sufficient financial aid, so accepted students may or may not be able to afford to attend. Need aware schools, like Skidmore, do manage their financial aid budgets via admissions decisions, but we meet 100% of demonstrated need for all accepted applicants. We also continue this commitment throughout all four years, fostering strong retention and graduation rates. 

A growing need

We're proud that more than half of Skidmore students receive some form of aid from the College, but more than three-quarters of Skidmore applicants request it. That means tough choices have to be made during the admissions process because we cannot fund all deserving applicants on our own.

During the 2022-2023 school year:

  • 100% of demonstrated need met for all current and accepted students 
  • $68 million annual financial aid budget (up from $15.1 million in 2003)
  • $56,000 average first-year aid package
  • $25,000 average post-college debt (national average is $37,000)

Ways to Support Students

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The Skidmore Fund

All gifts — no matter how small or big — make a difference in providing financial aid to deserving Skidmore students. Choose "scholarship and financial aid" for your Skidmore Fund gift designation to make an immediate impact. 

Give now

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Annual Named Scholarships

Create an annual named scholarship by making a gift of $25,000 or more in a giving year. An annual named scholarship offers a meaningful way to connect with a talented Skidmore student and unlock their potential.

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Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships last forever and will benefit students for as long as Skidmore stands. As we seek to admit the most talented and deserving students, we must start by making Skidmore a viable choice for them.

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Scholarship Circle
Join a community of scholarship donors

Meet a group of dynamic Skidmore students who are directly benefiting from the generosity of $10,000+ donors who also believe in the power of a Skidmore education. Their stories are proof that your support to scholarship and financial aid changes lives.