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Skidmore College
Health and Human Physiological Sciences

Andrew Miller Receives David S. Bruce Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Andrew Miller (07) was awarded the Undergraduate Excellence in Research Award (Bruce Award) from the American Physiological Society for his presentation at the annual Experimental Biology meeting in Washington, DC in May 2007. This presentation, "Acute Rapamycin Treatment Does Not Improve In Vivo Insulin Action in Ob/Ob or High Fat Fed Mice", was the result of an independent study that Andrew did with Professor T.H. Reynolds.

The David S. Bruce Awards are to recognize excellence in undergraduate research. They are made each year at the Experimental Biology meeting to up to four undergraduate students who have submitted abstracts for the meeting.

David Bruce (1939 – 2000) served as Chair of the APS Teaching Section and as a professor of physiology at Wheaton College from 1978-2000. Dr. Bruce was a dedicated physiology educator who played active roles in both the APS and the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society. As an undergraduate educator at Wheaton College, Dr. Bruce had a particular interest in engaging undergraduate students in scientific research. He not only encouraged and supported his students in participating in research, but he also regularly brought undergraduate students to the Experimental Biology meeting, often to present their research findings. In 2000, Dr. Bruce died at the age of 61 of complications following a kidney transplant. The David Bruce Award honors Dr. Bruce's commitment to promoting undergraduate involvement in research, in the APS annual meeting, and, ultimately, in research careers.