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Skidmore College
Health and Human Physiological Sciences

Denise Smith and T.H. Reynolds Present at Mini-College Lecture Series

Exercise Science Faculty Members Professor Denise L. Smith and Professor T.H. Reynolds participate in Mini-college Lecture Series. 

Cardiovascular Disease - Exploring Disease Progression and Prevention Strategies

Denise Smith, Professor and Chair of Exercise Science

This course describes the pathological progression of heart disease, identify risk factors for developing heart disease, and discuss prevention strategies. Individual and societal behavior aimed at decreasing the incidence of heart disease are addressed.

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Revving Up Your moTOR: Signaling Pathways to Diabetes and Muscle Hypertrophy

T.H. Reynolds, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

The mini-class discussed new theories to the causes of two public health problems: type 2 diabetes and age-related muscle atrophy. Recent research by Skidmore College Exercise Science students reveals that the same signaling pathway that increases muscle size may also lead to type 2 diabetes.