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Skidmore College

Jennifer DeltonJennifer Delton

Jennifer Delton, is professor of History at Skidmore College. She holds a B.A. in American Studies from the University of Minnesota, and a Ph.D. in History from Princeton University.  She is author of three books: Making Minnesota Liberal: Civil Rights and the Transformation of the Democratic Party (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2002), Racial Integration and Corporate America, 1940-1990 (Cambridge University Press, 2009), and Rethinking the 1950s: How Anticommunism and the Cold War Made America Liberal (Cambridge University Press, 2014), as well as several articles about race, politics, and business.  She is a regular contributor to Salmagundi Magazine.

Professor Delton teaches classes on foreign policy, race, the Progressive era, the Cold War, the Vietnam war, American communism/anticommunism, conservatism, business history, and African American history.