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Skidmore College

Murat C. Yildiz

Murat YildizMurat C. Yıldız is an assistant professor of History at Skidmore College. Professor Yıldız specializes in the cultural and social history of the modern Middle East. In particular, his research examines the intersections of subject formation, identity, the body, gender, and urban history in the late Ottoman Empire. He received his Ph.D. in History from the University of California, Los Angeles and served as a Manoogian Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of History at the University of Michigan. He is currently working on a book manuscript that focuses on the making of a shared physical culture among Muslims, Christians, and Jews of late Ottoman Istanbul. Professor Yıldız’s work has appeared in the Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication and the Cairo Papers in Social Science. He is an assistant editor for the Arab Studies Journal (ASJ), a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary research publication in the field of Arab and Middle East Studies.

At Skidmore, Professor Yıldız teaches survey courses on the Middle East from late antiquity until the present day, as well as upper-division courses on the history of gender and sexuality, leisure and pleasure, the body, and intercommunal relations. Many of these courses are cross-listed with the Gender Studies Program and International Affairs Department. Professor Yıldız is committed to bringing together learning inside and outside of the classroom at Skidmore, by organizing lectures, class trips to museums, film screenings, as well as other activities.