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Skidmore College

Faculty Collaboration

IdeaLab offers opportunities for faculty to collaborate in pushing their thinking forward, as teachers, scholars, and makers. Please reach out to Sarah Sweeney for more information.


Making Collaborative

The Making Collaborative program supports creative collaborations between faculty members, or between faculty and staff. The program intentionally embraces two terms that are difficult to define—“collaboration”and “making,” inviting participants to explore the most generative incarnation of these terms in their teaching and scholarship. Each partnership entails some form of making, literal or figurative, and an experience of mutual exchange, developed over the course of a sustained collaboration, that in itself generates something new through its relationality. 


Making Collaborative faculty image

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Innovation Coordinators

The Innovation Coordinator program provides opportunities for peer mentorship and cross-pollination between faculty from different disciplines. The program supports conversations about teaching where faculty can learn from each other and find support and ideas for reimagining their classroom practices.