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Skidmore College
Students at Makerspace
Innovative Pedagogies
What can teaching and learning look like when we go beyond the limits of our disciplines, our calendars, our classrooms? IdeaLab supports pedagogical experiments that respond to the challenges of the present, imagining ways teaching can be more flexible, more timely, create connections. Our collaborators innovate within the framework of existing classes and explore how the paradigm of the course might itself be remade.
IdeaLab Courses
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Innovative course design

IdeaLab supports experimental courses that push the boundaries of traditional college teaching and learning.
In-Class Making
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Making in the classroom

IdeaLab provides resources and support to help faculty integrate making into courses in a wide range of disciplines.
Faculty Collaboration
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Creative collaboration

IdeaLab promotes peer mentorship and collaborative making between faculty from across the college.