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Skidmore College
Off-Campus Study & Exchanges

Skidmore Programs

Skidmore has run its own off-campus programs since the 1970's, and has a long tradition of offering quality academic opportunities combined with integrated cultural experiences. Administered through Off-Campus Study and Exchanges (OCSE), students may participate on several 'Skidmore Programs':

Each program has a unique structure and individual application requirements, while still affording students the ability to fulfill degree requirements. Some Skidmore programs accept applications from students from other U.S. colleges and universities while other programs are open only to Skidmore students.

The faculty-led travel seminars offered each year for Skidmore students are typically run during the winter or spring breaks, or in the summer. These programs are based on the academic interests of the faculty who lead them and are sometimes coupled with a semester-long academic course. Each travel seminar has its own specific academic focus and application requirements. Applications are typically due a year in advance of the program.


Approved International & Domestic Programs

The main objective for our off-campus approved program structure is to include programs that allow our students to more closely integrate their experiences off campus with their work here on campus. All approved off-campus programs complement Skidmore’s on-campus curriculum and are meant to support the majors and minors. There is an extensive list of approved programs abroad, as well as options for students to remain in the U.S./Canada on a domestic program. Skidmore College uses a financial structure that allows an inclusive approach to off-campus study.

The Approved Programs list includes programs around the world that Skidmore considers as the best options to correlate to the academic offerings, quality and administrative support offered our students on campus. Approved Programs have been selected by Skidmore’s academic departments and programs in collaboration with Off-Campus Study & Exchanges. Study abroad programs are located throughout the world in 45 different countries! Students can search the online database to find program information. Anyone can contact OCSE for an advising appointment to find the program that suits their needs best -- whether it's abroad or domestic.