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Many students want to enhance an off-campus study experience by combining a study abroad with an internship. An internship is a work-related learning opportunity that provides hands-on practical experience in an area of interest. Available in a wide variety of fields abroad from both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, internships may be paid or unpaid, for-credit or not-for-credit, and may be pursued in either semester, based on individual goals. Earning academic credit through an internship assignment requires working with the host institution abroad and the program provider. Most internships are temporary assignments, typically lasting approximately three months to a full academic year, completed as part of an off-campus study program.

Completing an internship in conjunction with an Off-Campus Study & Exchanges program complements your program of study and understanding through cultural immersion, enhanced foreign language acquisition, and professional development in a global context. Other benefits to completing an internship include the development of strong teamwork skills balanced with the exercise of individual responsibility, the opportunity to experiment with jobs that match academic and personal interests, the chance to develop industry-specific abilities while enjoying the advantages of a liberal arts education, and the likelihood of building professional networking contacts and mentoring relationships. Internships help students become viable, experienced job applicants when seeking employment after graduation. In fact, many employers consider internship experience in the hiring process, and often look to their own interns as the best potential candidates for full-time positions.

Internships are available on the Skidmore in Spain, Skidmore in Paris and Skidmore in London programs. Several Approved Programs also offer internship placements in countries such as Austria, China, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Ghana, among others, while the Washington Semester program provide internships in Washington D.C..

If you find that you have questions about preparing for an internship, talk to your program provider for information that pertains to your program location and host culture. If you plan to participate in an international internship that is not part of a study abroad program, please contact the Career Development Center or the Office of Academic Advising.