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Health and Safety

Travel Advisories & OFAC Sanctions

Skidmore College does not permit students to study abroad in destinations for which the U.S. Department of State has issued a Level 4 (Do Not Travel) Travel Advisory.  The Level 4 Travel Advisory is issued when the U.S. Department of State recommends that Americans do not travel to a certain country, primarily because of health and/or safety concerns during an extended period of time.

Study in or travel to a destination with a Level 3 (Reconsider Travel) Travel Advisory is not automatically approved and will require a petition to the International Study Risk Management Team (ISRMT).  Students applying to study in a country currently under OFAC sanctions must also petition ISRMT for approval.  For questions on the petition process, please contact OCSE.



The U.S. Department of State maintains Travel Advisories for every nation in the world.  For more information or to view the list of travel advisories go to the State Department's Travel Advisories Web page.

The advisory for each nation also contains a link to the “Country Information” page which provides such information as:

  • U.S. Embassy Location
  • Country Description
  • Entry, Exit and Visa Requirements
  • Safety and Security
  • Local Laws & Special Circumstances
  • Health
  • Travel and Transportation
  • Country Fact Sheet