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Faculty-Led Travel Seminars

Each year, Skidmore sponsors a number of faculty-led travel seminars to locations around the world (see list below). Travel seminar courses must offer a carefully structured, focused, and challenging learning experience. These programs allow students to accompany one or two faculty members as they explore a focused topic that uses the destination as a classroom. To apply for any of these programs, please login to our online student portal.


2018 Travel Seminars:


Experience Life on the Line: Travel Seminar to Arizona and Texas

March 10-17, 2018

Professors: Diana M. Barnes (World Languages and Literatures and International Affairs) and Maria F. Lander (World Languages and Literatures) 

The 2,000-mile division between the United States and Mexico is a place of intense contrasts that must be experienced personally to begin to understand what it can reveal about power and vulnerability in economics and politics.The borderlands are at once a place of encounter and separation, a paradox manifested by a wall that keeps people in and keeps people out. We will witness firsthand the struggles of identity on the border as we examine the way that decisions made thousands of miles from the border directly impact the residents on either side of it. As we travel along the border through the desert, we will observe the consequences of the economics of border security, addiction, and immigration laws.

This “Experience Life on the Line” seminar (TX 200A) and its spring 2018 companion course “Life on the Line: Evolving Identity Formation on the US Mexico Border” (IA 251) also draw connections between the border and Upstate New York, considering labor industry needs and increased Immigration and Customs Enforcement authority. Students prepare for this journey with the on-campus course, which presents a clear picture of the way politics affect the daily lives of border residents in both countries.The travel seminar links theory with reality and brings history to life. In the classroom,for example, we read about the Bowie High School lawsuit that kicked off the hyper-strengthening of the border wall near El Paso, Texas, and led to the fortified wall we know today that separates California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, from Mexico’s counter states; and in our travels, we will visit Bowie High School’s barrio with muralist and graffiti artist Cimi Alvarado.

In El Paso, we will climb to the top of a mountain at sunrise to see where the wall ends and the two countries become inseparable. We will also visit with an asylum attorney, activists, and asylum seekers. In Tucson we will attend deportation hearings and meet with attorneys who dedicate their lives to advocacy for undocumented children and adults being held in the private prison system in nearby Eloy and Florence.

Information Sessions: Tuesday, September 19th 5:00pm, Ladd 206 and Wednesday, September 20th at 5:00pm, Ladd 206

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